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Let us help your company to achieve and appreciate:


  • Improve Communication
  • Trust & Integrity
  • Compliance
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Proactive Leadership
  • Respecting Each Other Views
  • Importance of Teamwork



Team building helps people understand they are greater collectively than individually.


To design a Racecar ( Push-kart ) from building materials utilizing PVC Plastic Pipes, Connectors, Wheels, Markers, Steering Parts and more. Teams will be briefed on the challenge and will be assisted throughout the process of assembling the racecars. Since there is no “right” way to build these push- karts, except with a diagram that’s provided. Participants will be encouraged to design and build their push-karts integrating previously generated knowledge and wisdom with this new experience.


Group Size: 8 – 600

Intensity Level: Moderate

Learning Focus: Improve Communications, Teamwork, Trust & Integrity, Compliance, Creativity and Innovation






Teams will have to attempt the ‘Fill Me Up’ Challenge using Sea Water to retrieve the Questions and Map. This will also determine which team will start the hunt first.


Each team will now proceed on foot to the pit-stops identified on the Map. Teams will have to locate and identify 4 locations.


The Air challenge will require all team members to solve a puzzle or challenge to “earn” their tickets to ride the “Sky Chair” and “Luge” down a hill-slope. As the Amazing Hunt proceeds, there will be other challenges at specific pit-stops for teams to attempt and “bonus” points to be awarded.


Group Size: 8 – 600

Intensity Level: Low

Learning Focus: Improve Communications, Time Management, Teamwork, Compliance, Creativity and Innovation





Each team will construct a 2.5 m high structure. Concurrently each team will also be designing and connecting a “rope-runner” which will traverse across to the centre of the ballroom.

There will be a competition of the fastest “rope-runner” and to better their timing in the qualifying and heats and the “final” showdown of the fastest and most improved rope-runner.


Group Size: 8 – 600

Intensity Level: Low

Learning Focus: Business Solutions, Seamlessness, Critical-Collaboration, Strategic-Planning and Speed of Delivery




Murder Mystery Team Building is a fun and effective way to bring together staff to solve a unique puzzle – who is the murderer? The program gets the team to think and working together to solve clues and interacting with each other.

Participants will be given detailed character background in advance. You will have goals and secret identity. You are the middle of the action in murder mystery and no one knows how the game will end.


Group Size: 18 – 40

Intensity Level: Low

Learning Focus: Improve Communications, Teamwork, Trust & Integrity, Critical-Collaboration and Strategic-Planning





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