Action Teams ‘Goes Virtual’ Team Bonding and Teamplay
Not Social Distancing BUT Physical and Safe Distancing.

To Be Resilient and To Overcome Adversity.

Give Corporate Organisations and staff a Morale Boosting opportunity yet Observing Physical Distancing.
To learn and share their resilience stories and to overcome adversity with new strategies in a safe and fun environment.

Key Features
For Office participants, they will be required to do safe challenges at their work desk / station and do not have to leave unless necessary.
For Home bound participants, they can do the similar safe challenges in the comfort of their own homes.

Virtual Programs

Important: The flow of the Virtual Program will be conducted similar to our Teambuilding Program but the activities have been modified to fit the Virtual Team Playground. Debrief are conducted after every activity.

virtual bonding 2
virtual bonding 3
virtual bonding 4
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