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Action Teams Pte Ltd is the leading Team Building organiser in Singapore since 1996. We specialise in outdoor and indoor team building, team bonding ice breakers & energisers, offsite and retreat programs to cultivate team spirit and participative culture. Our programs are designed to create value in your organisation.

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Since 1996, Action Teams Pte Ltd has lead successful corporate team building activities resulting in experiences which change the way corporate teams face challenges and take advantage of opportunities. Action Teams specialises in Teambuilding Experiential Training Programs for outdoor team building and indoor team building in Singapore, Australia, China, Dubai, Hong Kong, Indonesia..

Team Building and Team Bonding

Are They The Same or Are They Different

Team bonding and team building might sound like one and the same thing, but they are not. But they also have many things in common. They are both aimed towards the same goal. They often involve activities that are interchangeable. In difference however, two points stand out. First is activity type, and another is facilitation.

While on one hand team building strives to incorporate fun activities and games that have potential learning outcome to meet the objectives, on the other hand, it employs facilitators to help with the team members. They work on the ground level helping participants connect and collaborate through clear and consistent communication. That, in other words is an enactment of the way a team is supposed to function on the office floor.

While all this is team building, team bonding is mixing with one another and having a good time outside of work to ensure a harmonious relationship at work.

What Makes New Ideas Difficult to Produce

New ideas are galore in a new team, but over the course of a few years, they become fewer and fewer. That, aside from being frustrating, is a huge encumbrance in the way of productivity. A functional team is one that constantly churns out new and original ideas. But every team experiences a slack every now and then whereupon the ideas get more insipid than inspired. Good thing is it is both common and fixable.

Creativity, like popularity is not a thing promised for life. There are times when a certain individual experience an abundance of it, while in other times, it seems so scant that they start to doubt if they ever had it. So why do teams, despite having so many different brains as their engines go into creative slumps? What stands in the way of generating new ideas?

The answer is pretty much in your face. It is the sterile work environment, the grinding nature of workday schedules, tight shifts and the crushing demand of the job. Little by littles, these things that are parts and parcels of a profession erode away the creativity of the mind till the point where delivering an original idea becomes a matter of luck.

What your team needs in times like this is a change, a break from the day to day cycle. A day out in the nature or just a fun few hours at an entertainment park could do miracles to reverse creative blocks. To that effect, we fashion activities that uplift participants and break a dry spell in just a few minutes. Out team building activities are fashioned to break barriers, tickle creativity, open wide the window of communication, enrich professional relationships and inspire new ideas.


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Fun Activities to Offers

Team Building with Action Teams

Action Teams brings to the offices of Singapore a wide selection of result-driven team building activities that involve games and workshops that salvage teams out of creative blocks. Our team building activities are designs to enhance creativity, inspire innovation, improve communication and promote collaboration between individuals and on the whole energize the participants for a new run of professional productivity.

At Action Teams, we believe that it takes more than just benefits and incentives to keep the morale among employees high. One also needs refresher activities that not only offer a respite from the cyclical pattern of the work routine, but also enables participants to spend a fun-filled day with their coworkers and make memories with them to cherish through time.

We engage our participants in events that are engineered to hype their attention, promote their problem-solving skills, remedy old disputes between team members and improve their responsiveness, all of which converge to dial up the productivity of any team.


At Action Teams, our job is to offer a solution through which a diverse and big group of people can work together at optimum performance. Our solutions are modern and result-assured. Our approach to team building is a mix of fun and learning. That’s why we have on our catalogue all kinds of team building exercises, from energizers to ice breakers, and more. We bring to the employers, indoor and outdoor programs and offside and retreat events that foster a participative spirit and culture in the team. Through our team building programs, we try to inculcate values in teams that in turn create value for the concerned organizations.

Trusted by employers across Singapore, we aim to present to teams an opportunity to grow constantly and attain new heights. For this, we depend on our programs to identify talents, channel strengths and inspire creativity. With us, your team will learn from the best. To come to your aid, we bring to you a rich variety of services that are both high-end and promising.




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1. What are good teambuilding activities?

A good teambuilding first starts with the objectives and outcomes that we want displayed through the activities.

Key take-aways for example such as Communication, Trust, Collaboration to name a few are essential and relevant in ensuring that

the facilitator expresses these key take-aways in activities that are tailored to meet these outcomes

2. What is Virtual Teamwork?

Virtual Teamwork has been around for some time, however the global pandemic served us a “curved ball” and it has made organisations into having teams to build camaraderie and teamwork on virtual platforms to keep the productivity going.

Virtual Teamwork generally are relevant and carefully tailored activities on screen with small teams within the organisation actively participating in an activity that is structured with objectives pertaining to an organisations Core Values or Mission and Vision.

3. What do you do in a Virtual Teambuilding / Teambonding

As Team activities are generally set in an outdoor environment, Virtual Team activities can now have the same and even more relevant activities with multiple participants engaged in tailored and fun challenges to meet the organisations objectives.

4. What is the duration of a Virtual Teambuilding

Comparing a Physical and a Virtual Teambuilding program, Virtual programs should not exceed more than 3hrs as this would be very

exhaustive for participants ( with a recommended bio / snack break of 15mins included ).

Physical Teambuilding programs with exception of outdoor and indoor venues can be tailored from half (4hrs) to full day (8hrs). This includes scheduled breaks.

5.What is the main purpose of having a Teambuilding / Teambonding Program ( not telematch games )

Organisations are always looking at various and innovative ways to improve employees productivity and social cohesion, communication,

trust, accountability, respect, etc. Monthly birthday party or an office get together is not a form of bonding!!

A Teambuilding program that is carefully and structured in line with the organisation key objectives will improve and encourage the team-mates to work together and also foster good inter personal communicating skills with respect and empathy for one another. It will be well worth the investment and a good return of investment for the organisation.

6. Can I have add ons like lucky draw and prizes and awards presentation in my Virtual Teambonding?

Yes,  Virtual programs can be tailored with all these add ons, including group photo taking and video. If fact, we recommend these add ons as a form of recognition for participants who are working from home and make the effort to participate in Virtual Teambonding programs organised by their organisation.

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