Action Teams specialises in outdoor and indoor team building to promote team spirit and a winning participative culture. All team building activities are tailored to your company’s budget, goal and objectives.

We help cultivate healthy team mind set, break down barriers, improve communication and build proactive team


  • build stronger team spirit
  • improve decision making abilities
  • enhance customer service
  • move out of comfort zone
  • resolve conflict
  • fun, happiness and laughter

Team Building Programs

  • Improve Communication
  • Trust & Integrity
  • Compliance
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Proactive Leadership
  • Respecting Each Other Views
  • Understand Importance of Teamwork

Seven (7) Levels Learning Approach


Our signature programs follow the Seven (7) Level Learning Approach for team building activities and workshops.


  1. Goal Setting – Establish desired outcomes
  2. Awareness – Appreciating the relationship between peers and co-workers
  3. Trust – Mutual trust among team to achieve ‘big picture’ goals
  4. Cooperative Activities – Group cohesion and foster a sense of accomplishment
  5. Group Challenge – Problem solving activities simulating corporate environment
  6. Extended Challenge – Challenge activities stretching participants beyond perceived limits
  7. Transference / Application – Post “Action Reviews” for learning and follow-up phases



Corporate Grand Prix

Scale New Heights and Rope Runners

The Amazing Hunt – Sea, Land and Air

Murder Mystery