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“ I would like to sincerely thank you and your staff for the fantastic teambuilding activities that contributed to the success of our event. This has been the best event that we have had thus far. Our Management and Staff enjoyed themselves very much during the activities and were highly commendable of the management of it. Last but not least a standing ovation to all your staff for their hard work under the scorching sun. We are pleased to put on record Action Teams had delivered what was promised and we are extremely delighted with the success of this event and look forward to working with Action Teams again.”
~ Credit Suisse First Boston

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Team Building – Since 1996, Action Teams have lead successful team building activities resulting in experiences which change the way corporate teams face challenges and take advantage of opportunities. We help build stronger teams, improve decision making abilities, enhance customer service, resolve conflict, and aid companies in planning for and adapting to a continually changing future. We help individuals develop a new appreciation for collaboration. Our sessions show groups how to achieve goals easily and in a fun filled way. A range of activities designed to focus on teamwork through specific problem solving exercises also evoke feelings of thought, anticipation, fear, anxiety, fun, happiness and laughter, while helping to break down barriers and build confidence.

Action Teams specialises in outdoor and indoor, fun, interactive team building and experiential learning programs designed to promote team spirit and a winning, participative culture. We responds to your specific needs, agenda and budget. Our innovative, effective and enjoyable active learning experiences are specifically tailored to match your organisation’s team and management development plans.

Action Teams deliver engaging team building workshops for teams of all sizes, from 8 – 600 persons, from short half day sessions to multiple day change initiatives, locally or overseas. Our workshops are typically customized for specific outcomes that are defined by the client.

Action Teams follow the Seven (7) Levels Learning Approach when implementing and designing team building activities and workshops:

  1. Goal Setting – Establish desired outcomes
  2. Awareness – Appreciating the relationship between peers and co-workers
  3. Trust – Accepting that for the goals of the ‘big picture’, all have a trusted role
  4. Cooperative Activities – Exercises that require group cohesion and foster a sense of accomplishment
  5. Group Challenge – Problem solving activities which tie group experience to the employment setting
  6. Extended Challenge – Challenge activities which encourage participants to stretch themselves beyond perceived limits
  7. Transference / Application – After Action Reviews for learning transference and/or follow-up phases after an experience

“There’s no magic formula for great company culture. The key is just to treat your staff how you would like to be treated” – Richard Branson

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