There is a powerful Latin phrase; Colloboratio Maximi Momenti which simply means “Teamwork”

Whether you are in the process of building a new team or strengthening your existing team, nothing is more powerful than the words and actions of leaders with a laser like vision, strong mindset and humility.

If we consider the deeper meaning of “Colloboratio Maximi Momenti” it implies whatever your target audience, internal or external, industry or business, teams must be given the necessary tools and experiential training to meet and exceed expectations of customers.

Whilst theory, planned and taught by industry experts, has its place in a team gaining technical knowledge, it is only one of the number of complimentary factors in building teams. Theory, coupled with experimental teambuilding sessions, is a holistic training strategy which not only builds knowledge but strengthens teams and teamwork.

Healthy Team Development

A healthy team must evolve and go through multiple transformations to stay relevant and focused in a fast changing and competitive World. Human nature is pre-conditioned to resist change, particularly when we are out of their “comfort zone”. This is where good leaders “step up to the plate” to motivate and ensure that individuals in their teams, recognise that its every individuals responsibility to; adopt, adapt and apply the necessary changes to grow the organisation. A “blame” culture within teams and organisation are normally reflective of weak leadership and/or a lack of clear vision of where the organisations is headed. Many such organisations do not flourish or survive.


In “Colloboratio Maximi Momenti” “we” not external factors are the usually the problem…!!